Sisk-Butler Funeral Home is Bessemer City's hometown funeral home. Our professional staff is second to none. Our experienced funeral directors, funeral assistants and office professionals are highly-trained, compassionate local people who strive to guide grieving families through the most difficult days they will face in life. Our staff will attend to every detail in order to provide the very best personalized service possible.

Sisk-Butler has a long and rich heritage which began many years ago. Frank Sisk owned a furniture store in Bessemer City and began selling caskets in 1928. He went to embalming school in Chicago in 1930 and then returned home to open Sisk Funeral Home on Virginia Avenue. He married Ellen Teague the same year.

In 1941 he built a funeral home on Eleventh Street. Needing a larger facility, Frank Sisk bought the Goldberg home at our present location in 1960. In 1962 his son-in-law, Joe Butler, joined the business. They added a new building in 1965 which included a large chapel.

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In 1974 the funeral home was renamed Sisk-Butler Funeral Home. Frank Sisk died in 1989 and the Butlers sold the funeral home to the Loewen Group in June, 1990.

In September 1991 the old portion of the funeral home burned and the corporation rebuilt the present building in 1992.

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